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    how to transfer space in col.


      windows server 2008 and sqlserver 2005 , oracle 11g express r2, ogg for sqlserver V34016-01.
      and ogg112101_ggs_Windows_x86_ora11g_32bit
      about configuration of parm files and globles they all have minium configuration. except globles has USEANSISQLQUOTES on oracle side.
      which few managers on both side.

      i have space ' ' as well as empty '' in sqlserver i want to insert them in oracle schema which function i should use and how in


      yours sincerely

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          Many databases handle spaces and empty spaces differently, and it can also depend on the datatype. For example, in some cases, variable length strings will not keep trailing spaces, or just a single space. Some datatypes, like CHAR, will keep spaces and padding. From the source database, you will need to determine how those data types are handled in the source database. If they are maintained, then GoldenGate will maintain them in the trail file as well. However, when OGG goes to apply them to the target database, the target database settings will take precedence.

          Since I'm not sure which datatypes or exact databases you are replicating to or from, I can't be of much help on specifics, but I would advise you to look at the [NO]SPACESTONULL parameter too.
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            i have written it in my question that i am transfering it from sqlserver2005 to oracle 11g express.
            NOSPACESTONULL is default it is also making empty to null
            SPACESTONULL makes empty and spaces to null in varchar2
            yours sincerely.

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