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    Can any one help out regarding XOQ-01706

      I have created dimensions and then i created cube after that when i am trying to maintain cube i am getting this error

      An error has occurred on the server
      Error class: Express Failure
      Server error descriptions:
      INI: error creating a definition manager, Generic at TxsOqConnection::generic<BuildProcess>
      INI: XOQ-01706: An unexpected condition occurred during the build: "TxsOqLoadCommandProcessor::generateSQL-unmatched inputs"., Generic at xsoqBuild

      at oracle.olapi.data.source.DataProvider.callGeneric(Unknown Source)
      at oracle.olapi.data.source.DataProvider.callGeneric(Unknown Source)
      at oracle.olapi.data.source.DataProvider.executeBuild(Unknown Source)
      at oracle.olap.awm.wizard.awbuild.UBuildWizardHelper$1.construct(Unknown Source)
      at oracle.olap.awm.ui.SwingWorker$2.run(Unknown Source)
      at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
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          This (not exactly clear!) message means that there is a problem with your cube or dimension mapping. A typical example is where you map a dimension X to one table, DIM_X_TAB_1 say, but in the cube you map it to another table DIM_X_TAB_2. The problem may be visible in AWM, but if you can't see it there, then export the AW to XML and look at the <CubeMap> and <HierarchyLevelMap> tags.