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    Java Console may not be working under Windows 8 64-bit

      The "Is Java working on my computer" (http://www.java.com/en/download/testjava.jsp) test page will not work on my Windows 8 64-bit computer. One of the suggesttions for repair is to go to the Java console and clear the cache. I did clear the cache, but I cannot see that any files were deleted. Much more importantly, I do not want several hundred MB of dynamic cache stored on my new SSD. So I tried to change the cache's location to a hard disk, an option that the console provides, but the location text area will not let me select the cache location, and the button labeled "Change" is grayed out and not clickable. I did physically copy all the files in ...\Sun\Java to the D:\ hard disk, but of course Java does not know that.

      How can I change the location of the Java cache?

      Does any one know how to make Java run in Internet Explorer Ver 10 for Win 8? jdk1.7.0_10 (32-bit and 64-bit) are installed on the computer, and Java programs appear to be running normally. I think the problem is that the 32-bit JRE is not known to Java. In the Java Concole/Java/View tab, the 64-bit JRE is shown, but I somehow manged to dis-enable it, and now it will not enable. Between 5 and 10 times I have tried to enter the 32-bit JRE in this box, and it is shown after I click OK and Apply, but when I dismiss the console and re-activate it thru the Control Panel, it is not there.

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