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    Error Runing Component interface in application Engine

      Hello all

      My application engine use component interface get data from SCC_BIO_DEMO
      I test component interface in my application designer. Can get data.
      and i run process call application engine use this component interface run status Success with Posted
      but View Log/Trace I got below error message

      HMCR_FRAMEWORK.ServiceFramework.Caching.RegistryCache.OnExecute Name:RebuildServiceElementCache PCPC:16427 Statement:322 Called from:HMCR_FRAMEWORK.ServiceFramework.Caching.RegistryCache.OnExecute Name:GetService Statement:33 Called from:HMCR_FRAMEWORK.ServiceFramework.Caching.CacheManager.OnExecute Name:GetCachedRegistryElement Statement:7 Called from:HMCR_FRAMEWORK.ServiceFramework.Utilities.ServiceManager.OnExecute Name:LocateService Statement:35 Called from:SCC_PERSON_SOA_CONSUMER.PersonService

      Error loading Component Processor {TEST_SCC_BIO_DEMO} (91,24)

      my peoplecode generate with drag component interface and drop in AE step action

      my application version
      Tools Release 8.50.17
      Application Release HRMS and Campus Solutions

      How can I solve this problem.