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    how to block first time loading data in View Object for searching

      hi all,
      I am using jdeveloper ADF 11g 2 release. i am making search page. but i make it manually, not use ADF query pannel.
      I drag and drop the adf read only table. it can execute using Lov and date time range using backing bean.
      eg: vo1.setWhereClause(whereClause);
      where clause can change dynamically.
      But my table indicate vo which load it all data first time page loading. I add all tuning performance,but no data option is for insert only. so like that option can make programmatically and can execute query??
      This method I used because of I can not make searching options what I want in ADF query pannel. Is there any way add 3 options but display all table fields??
      hoping help anyone.,thks
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