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    Rebuilding the Application..?

    Vishnu Bovilla
      Hi All,

      i'm using eclipse for developing the ATG application enabled with auto-build.. But, when i change any class or properties file, but it is becoming hectic work to restart the application every time on modification...?

      Is there any other way to avoid this..

      VishnuVardhan Bovilla
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          Gopinath Ramasamy

          This is a challenge to rebuild the application when we add/change a properties file or a class file in the development phase when using ATG. You can use something like hotcopyclasses to copy the changed class files into the app server but restarting the app server is still needed to get that changed class files to get loaded into the JVM. Any change in the properties file can be handled by placing the file in the localconfig folder (depending upon your ATG-CONFIGPATH in your application's MANIFEST.MF) but again restarting the application is needed for the global scoped components (at times for all the components).

          If someone is having a better workaround, pls suggest.

          Gopinath Ramasamy
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            Samdani Gulam
            clean the errors in your eclipse put the libraries in the build path. whenever you create/modify the java file it will create .class associated to that, copy that .class file and paste it in your EAR/atglib with the correct folder structure.

            For properties file you need to keep it in localconfig
            Note everytime you need to restart the app server.