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    Time Zone Issue in Personal Contacts


      I'm facing issue with timezone.

      Server is located in US (server date is 6-Jan-2013).
      User from Australia region(user date is 07-Jan-2013) is creating a contact record who start date as 7-Jan-2013.
      After creating, he/she comes back to the overview page, the newly created contact is not in the list.

      This is because in the ContactsEmergOverviewExndVO.xml, there is where clause
      trunc(sysdate) >= decode(pcr.date_start,null,trunc(sysdate),trunc(pcr.date_start))

      which filter out the newly created record as sysdate is 6-Jan-2013(one day lesser than user effective date)
      and pcr.date_start is 7-jan-2013(User effective date).

      Is there any profile needs to be set to overcome this issue or any other possible solution?
      Please advice.

      Thanks in advance!!

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          Vigneswar Battu
          Check below -
          Timezone Profiles For Inventory Transactions - Client Timezone, Enable Timezone Conversions [ID 554063.1]
          Quote Preview Date Not Correct - "Preview Date - Entered Preview Date must be later than the current time." [ID 1220703.1]
          Note: 402650.1 - User-Preferred Time Zone Support in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12
          Note: 330075.1 - User Preferred Time Zone Support Guidelines for Applications 11i10CU2

          It might still be an issue if the VO isn't coded to cater for these profiles.
          Check the profiles and see if it works, else I'm afraid you'll have to raise an SR.