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    Cross Platform Tablespace Migration

      My background is currently an DBA in other database platforms (DB2, MySQL, MSSQL) and i've been tasked with a migration of an oracle database. I'm trying to get a feel for the Oracle platform.

      The Situation is as thus:
      We are working up to transferring a mission critical 1.2 TB Dataset from a Big Endian 10.2 (Solaris Sparc) Platform to a Little Endian 10.2 (Microsoft NT) Platform (i'm currently uncertain as to the exact number of tablespaces/datafiles involved (as little as 4 potentially)

      We're pursuing the transportable tablespace route to get the data converted and migrated. However due to the high availability needs of this data down time has to be minimized.

      With this type transfer would there be a method to employ a replication like (log shipping) solution to this?

      From what i have seen thus far, and right now my knowledge is limited.. the complexity of the conversion wouldn't allow for applying archive logs to the converted tablespaces.

      In any case I have all the oracle documentation (administrative guide, advanced backup and recovery guide, reference and utility guide) am in the process of searching for a solution which would not have us take down the database for long periods of time.

      Thank you for your time and consideration. I am posting this to RMAN Forums as it seems to be the best area to post this question.
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          Its all depends upon how much downtime you will get for the migration ?

          If you want to use the cross platform migration you need to place the tablespaces in readonly mode which requires a downtime for app perspective. If you get a enough downtime window then you can use Transportable tablespaces. You may also consider about creating a NFS mount point between the source and target with good network bandwidth.

          If you don't get enough downtime then you probable need to implement goldengate or streams.

          start capturing changes using the golden gate
          Perform initial load using the export/import ot datapump
          apply the changes through golden gate
          sync the source and target

          But you may want to check what kind of datatypes your database has, Some specific datatypes may not supported by golden gate

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            Hi Epikto,

            The Oracle Goldengate its the best solution for you:


            Goldengate works in several platforms (including big and little endian transformation), enabling high availability solutions, real-time data integration, transactional and etc...
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              I will look at goldengate and see if it can meet our needs. However there may not be a consistent reliable connection between network endpoints
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                Goldengate may be the best solution. However since it provides continuous data synchronization you need to consider the demands on your hardware for this.

                Best Regards

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                  Srini Chavali-Oracle
                  Pl also be aware that GG licenses are not cheap - if the cost is justifiable, then it is a viable solution

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                    I just did a non-downtime migration utilize goldengate , transportable tablespace from standby db of Production.

                    Worked out like a charm.
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                      It all depends on how much downtime you have!

                      Goldengate its best solution for the minimum downtime, but need the network very fast and reliable.

                      In this case you really need use the cross platform tablespace migration or using the expdp/exp (using parallel for more performance) tools, but using those you need more downtime.