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    PO receipts getting linked to differrent PO


      We are facing an issue in which the PO receipts are stuck in the interface and receipts are automatically getting linked to a wrong PO. A single receipt is linked to two different PO's but when i look at the source file it should have been linked to a different receipt altogether.

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          Sanjay Desai EBS
          Hi Rishabh,

          you can get the error message from error table : po_interface_errors . following is the SQL to find out the SQL.

          SELECT rcvh.header_interface_id, rcvh.group_id, poie.error_message
          FROM rcv_headers_interface rcvh , rcv_transactions_interface rcvt , po_interface_errors poie
          WHERE rcvh.processing_status_code = 'ERROR'
          AND rcvt.header_interface_id = rcvh.header_interface_id
          AND rcvt.processing_status_code = 'ERROR'
          AND poie.interface_header_id = rcvh.header_interface_id
          AND poie.interface_line_id = rcvt.interface_transaction_id

          You populate rcv_headers_interface & rcv_transactions_interface and then run the receiving transaction processor concurrent process.