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    Android Email Clint "email receive"

      I want to develop android email client application just for receive email with the help of java mail API. Code is fine running in java but when I try to run in android its giving me error -
      Could not find method javax.mail.Session.getDefaultInstance, referenced from method com.example.zzz_mail_api.MainActivity.mains.
      Can anybody provide me code or project to receive email from pop3 or imap. Email id *[removed by moderator]*.
      if anybody can than please help me

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          Moderatir action: Removed four or five cross posts of this request which you inserted int some very old threads in various mostly irrelevant JavaMail topics:

          1. The authors of those threads are long gone so asking them questions is futile.
          2. Asking people to send you source code which is almost certainly not their property is incitement to theft.
          3. This is a public forum, not a help desk, and answers to questions should be posted here to benefit others,, not sent to private emails.
          4. Posting your email address in a public place like this is just an invitation to spammers.
          5. Your question indicates that you simply haven't installed or configured JavaMail correctly and is almost certainly addresses by the documentation.

          For these reasons the thread is now locked.
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