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    Compression days in Planner's workbench

      I have a query regarding the compression days being calculated by the ASCP planning engine.

      I have observed that the compression days in ASCP shows the days by which the order is compressed with respect to the previous dates.
      We would like to know the compression days for the order w.r.t item's lead time.
      e.g. Purchase requisition having due date of 8-Jan-13 got rescheduled to 2-Jan-13 and showed compression as 4 days (considering non-working
      The lead time of item is however around 100 days. The system will show the compression correctly for the planned order but when converted to requisition
      the compression is shown w.r.t previous due date.

      Please let me know if there is some field which might show the compression w.r.t the item's lead time.