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    Downloading report to excel file problem

      Hello everyone!

      I have a problem, that I wasn’t able to solve. Need your help. (We are using OBIEE, Oracle DB as datasource).

      So I developed 2 standard financial reports in OBIEE analytics. Report 1 has more column (12 column) then report 2 (5 columns). Both of the report displays a lot of data (rows). Both of them works just fine – all data is displayed correctly.

      The problem starts when I am trying to download reports to excel. When browser's downloading progress bar reaches ~~10mb then the download process stops. This happens every time for both reports. The excel file is actually downloaded and can be open. There is even data in it, but if you scroll down the excel file you will see then not all the data was downloaded, and after the last row there is windows error icon (it looks something like this http://www.image-share.com/upload/1982/106.jpg). If i donload second report, then it will also stops on ~~10mb, it will have more rows in it, but still there will be windows error icon after the last row.

      I tried to edit Instanceconfig.xml like it was told in this article, but it didn’t help.

      I would be very greatfull for your help!
      Many thanks,
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          Try writing to a file using an iBot. Read the below:


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            Thank you for the reply! It is interesting work-around, but, as I understood it will work only if OBIEE is installed on windows server (becaus of the javascript). In my case, we have Linux server :\

            Still looking for solution...

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              Hello, everyone!
              I found the solution for my problem.

              First of all I decided to check log - > I opened EM -> Business Intelligence ->coreapplication -> Overview. There I found "Diagnostics" section.

              Then, in analytics, I opened report and tried to download it. As usual, downloading stopped at 10,1 mb.

              Then i switched back to EM and looked at table "Most Recent Errors" in "Diagnostics" section. And there i saw my error: " Maximum total number of cells exceeded"

              So the problem was with limitation on number of cells, not the downloading file size.

              To solve this error I open instancecofig.xml and changed <MaxCells>5000</MaxCells> to <MaxCells>1920000</MaxCells>.
              That was a solution.