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    Folders created thru DB link not showing in Discoverer on physical Standby

      Hi All,

      We are using Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release We have configured a physical standby database that we open in read only mode for reporting purpose.
      We have configured the Oracle Discoverer for reporting on both production and physical standby.
      We have another database called legacy database, we moved 3 years old data from production to legacy database.
      To access some legacy tables from production we have created a DB link in production and we have also added these tables in discoverer thru DB Link.

      Now when user executes the discoverer desktop from standby database, the folders pointing the legacy database are not showing, while when we connect thru Discoverer Administrator it is showing in EUL.

      I then connected to standby database thru a user and executed a select statement as
      Select id, performed, performer from my_events@bkuplnk 
      it gives me below error,
      ORA-16000 database link read only query fails on physical standby
      Then I execute the command
      Set transaction read only; 
      and execute the select statement, it gave me results.

      After that I have started the physical standby database in read only mode and issue the command
      set transaction read only as SYS user 
      , but in discoverer desktop these folders are still not available
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          Rod West

          The folders are not showing up in Desktop because the folder was not valid when the business area was opened from Desktop. By default, Discoverer checks the metadata for all the folders in a business area when the BA is opened. I think there is a preference you can set to change this behaviour so that Discoverer so not validate folders.

          Usually with database links you are better off hiding the link in a database view so that the metadata for the folder is held locally.

          Rod West