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    Cascade Button is Unable to do cascade Receiving

      Hi ALL,
      I have created a PO having one line with an item (100 quantity) , 2 shipments (50 each), 5 Distribution (10each ) for the first & second Distribution and then Approved the PO too...!!

      now me wanted to do the cascade receiving for the same but on the find receiving form the cascade button is unable ... i have also tried from window option and then click cascade so nothing happen even then .... mean the allow cascade transaction check is enable in the receiving option of the same inventory org in which me wanted to do the receiving ...

      kindly suggest me any approprite way for that thanx in advance :)
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          The Cascade functionality will not work with Locator control enabled. This is the intended funtionality

          In the case of subinventories with Locator control enabled , if in po distributions if the subinventory with locator control specified is entered then it is mandatory to enter a default locator(associated to same subinventory) (in Item Locator defaults tab)in Item Transaction defaults form for the cascade functionality to work .

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            In the Receiving Transactions window, the cascade function is available for deliveries if you have specified an Item in the Find Receiving Transactions window. Performing any manual transaction in a line disables the Cascade button, and it is not enabled until you have again selected the Find button in the appropriate Find window.

            When you select the Cascade button, Purchasing displays the Cascade Details window in which you must enter the cascade quantity and the unit of measure. When you select the OK button, the cascade process begins