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    EPMA configuration

      New Installation of on windows 2008 R2 distributed environment.
      Using IIS as web server and not using load balancer

      server1.mycompany.com has Shares Services, CalcManager and Planning. Has IIS which is web server for the environment

      server2.mycompany.com has EPMA. This server also has IIS.

      On server1, Configure Logical address for web applications has server1.mycompany.com for all products including DimensionServer (hyperion-bpma-server). And I have to change it to server2.mycompany.com for DimensionServer (hyperion-bpma-server) for EPMA to work. Is this expected?

      or Should I install all Windows IIS Web Application Server components like Dimension Server of EPMA and HFM on foundation services?

      Appreciate your help