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    Sql developer and trace file

      I read that sql developer can open database trc file and allows sorting in the GUI. I tried it but I don't think it's working the way it should. I have a trc file generated on a redhat linux 5 oracle 11.2 database. I scp the file to my window desktop and then use sql developer (64bit version build MAIN-09.87) to open the file. It opened but I don't see anything under the List view or Statistics View. Under the tree view it listed the trace file I opened. Under the History tab it shows the contents of the trc file.

      Should I be seeing some output under the List/Statistics View like what tkprof would have generated? I have tried 5 - 6 different trace files and I got the same empty views.

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          Gary Graham-Oracle
          Hi Henry,

          If you are trying to view trace files with names of the form <sid>ora<9999> it should work. When using the List and Statistics views check that the filter is set to All or NonRecursive. Also see if checking off the Include Sys checkbox makes a difference.

          Hope this helps,
          SQL Developer Team

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          Obviously the trace files you copied from the server must actually have trace information for SQL and/or PL/SQL in them, not just session header information and error messages (as sometimes happens). If your Tree view only shows the name of the trace file, then that is probably the case.

          Did you try using Tools > Monitor Sessions, then right-click on the session of interest and choose the Trace Session item?