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    Report on multiple data objects

    Suneel Jakka
      I am not sure, I did this or not.. Is there a way to create a report on multiple data objects? My requirement is as follows


      Field1 Field2 Field3
      1 ABC 123
      2 DEF 456
      3 GHI 789


      Field1 Field2 Field3
      1 444 XYZ
      2 555 STU

      Over here I have a primary key and reference key as first column in the both data objects and I have to create a report by using equi-join..

      that means I have to create a report with data from these above two data objects as below

      select a.field1,a.field2,a.field3,b.field2,b.field3
      from Data_object_A a, Data_object_B b
      where a.field1=b.field2(+)

      Suneel Jakka