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    How to navigate on panel tabs using link ?

    Mukesh S Patil
      I have a page where i am using panelTab. i have many tabs similar to excel sheet. On first tab i have read only table data and remaining have relevant data for each row.
      Based on selected row in first tab i want to navigate on other tabs.

      How can achive this through goButton or URL ? How can i use hyperlink type behaviour in ADF page ?

      I am using Jdev

      Thanking you.

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          Using table's selection listener, set disclosed property and add partial target (use showdetail bindings).
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            add a column in the table with a af:commandButton or a Link
            on that button/link's action generate a method in your managed bean.

            in that method use showDetailItem's binding component
            <font color="red"> // here sdi1 is your showDetailItem's binding variable you want to show.</font>
            <font color="red"> // here pt1 is your panelTabbed.</font>
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              Mukesh S Patil
              I have added a link in table. the link action has a bean which enables and refresh the tab. I added below code

              public class NavigationBean {
              public NavigationBean() {
              private RichPanelTabbed pt_pt1;
              private RichShowDetailItem showDetailItem1;
              private RichDecorativeBox pt_db2;
              private RichPanelSplitter pt_ps1;
              private RichPanelStretchLayout pt_psl1;
              public String tabNavigation() {

              // Add event code here...
              System.out.println(">>>>>>>> Inside Navigate Beane");
              AdfFacesContext adfFacesContext = AdfFacesContext.getCurrentInstance();

              return "";
              getter and setter method or all varibles.

              However this does not work ? Am i missing something ?

              My showDetailItem1 and panelTab are in a template which has <jsp:root as a staring point . Is it the pain point ?