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    Is there a way to create a custom method to spread a value in RPAS

      I've run into this problem recently.

      Let's say I have a measure called PlWpTestA that has the base intersection of month, channel and product, and i'm populating the data for PlWpTestA at the monthly level.
      And then I have another measure called PlWpTestB that has the following formula PlWpTestA + PlWpTestC, with the intersection of week, channel product.
      Currently, if i set the default spread for PlWpTestA to "prop", it will evenly distribute its value when PlWpTestB is being populated ....
      however I would like to use a custom spreading algorithm (let's say i want to give it a different percentage every week), any thoughts on whether that's possible through configuration?

      thanks a bunch !!
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          This would be possible but using a rule to calculate the percentage portion of the value at Month level you want applied to the week. you can do this by using a modifier on the measure PlWpTestA.
          So for example rather than writing

          PlWpTestB = PlWpTestA PlWpTestC+


          PlWpTestB = PlWpTestA ( PlWpTestC.level([CLND].[mnth]) * percentage_measure)+

          where the percentage_measure has a base intersection of week.

          I hope this helps.