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    EPMA Planning to Classic Planning

      I am trying to migrate an EPMA Planning application from an environment to an environment in classic mode for test purposes.

      When I perform the LCM export of the application from the Planning Application Node, the metadata does not export with it.

      Experts, is there any way to trick the LCM export to include the metadata?
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          I don't think LCM is supported between different versions, why don't you just get planning to upgrade the application.
          Create a blank planning application, stop planning, copy planning relational database replacing the blank application, go to planning administration application upgrade and it should allow you to upgrade to or you can try and struggle with LCM :)


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            Thanks for the response, John. Clearly I insisted on doing things the difficult way, without realizing :-) I got this to work by changing the EDIT_DIM_ENABLED setting to true. When I went to extract the EPMA application via the Planning application group in Shared Services, the metadata showed up and I was able to perform the migration successfully (with some other steps already covered in the forum).

            Is your method the Oracle officially supported method?