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    Formatting output field to derive Record Throughput (Records Per Second)

      It's been so long long that I've done this I am seeking some guidance.
      The business problem I have is to derive a new calculated field to determine Throughput (Records Per Second)
      Formula: (((batch_job_execution.end_time - batch_job_execution.start_time) * (24*60))) / (write_count)

      The Results from above basically give me a Time Formatted Field and I am seeking an Intgerger field.
      I take it I need to do a CAST or other type of formatting function(s) and it most likely needs to be broken down
      within the calculated field above.

      If someone can provide some guidance as how best to approach this problem, that'll be GREAT!!
      If I need to provide some more information, please let me know as well.