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    At what point must EMCLI clients be upgraded?


      I am upgrading to OEM 12c using the 2-System method. The installation of the Repository and OEM is complete, I believe I have completed the necessary setup steps and am attempting to upgrade the agents using the Enterprise Manager 12c Upgrade Console.

      I have chosen one agent to upgrade and navigated to the Deploy and Configure Agents page and selected one agent I wish to deploy and configure. This is where things get confusing.

      Under agent credentials I have chosen to use Oracle Homre Preferred Credentials and to Override Oracle Home Preferred Credentials choosing the Oracle user.
      Under Run Privileges I have chosen None and SUdo trying with either Root or Oracle.

      On the next page under Root Credentials I have entered the Root username/password and the Oracle username/password and tried both None and Sudo. When choosing Sudo it seems that root is the only option.

      I then submit the job and it fails I have seen errors, either
      ERROR: NMO not setuid-root (Unix-only) or
      SUDO not present on agent https://<hostname>:3872/emd/main

      I have been searching but yet to no avail. I have seen reports indicating that one should “Use credentials, selecting sudo gave error ‘sudo is not present’”. I also found something indicating that it is necessary to use emcli in order to set up sudo but it is not clear to me whether I must do this from the existing OEM or the upgraded OEM and if the emcli clients must be upgraded prior to deploying the agents.

      I have found the instructions and download page in the OEM 12c console but am still not clear as to whether this is in fact required. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

      Thank you.
      Bill Wagman