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    On starting BI Server Report is showing 0 Result

      I have facing a strange problem.One report is showing 0 Result on starting server,checked back end query,it shows it is hitting some other fact,tht'why measure is not found and cast Null as 0 is happening.

      Strange thing is when I pull some other column from the same fact (But different Presentation table,same Logical table and Same LTS) along with my required measure it is showing data,hitting correct fact.But If I restart the server,again 0 result is coming.

      I disabled cache and restarted,still the issue is coming.
      I thought from BMM Layer the measure is not getting correct joins.
      So I check all logical and physical join with conformed dimensions with Logical Fact.All are ok.

      Measure has 2 definition at two LTS.
      1.CASE "Oracle Data Warehouse"."Catalog"."dbo"."Fact_W_ORDERITEM_F"."TOP_LVL_LN_FLG" WHEN 'Y' THEN "Oracle Data Warehouse"."Catalog"."dbo"."Fact_W_ORDERITEM_F"."ROW_WID" END
      2."Oracle Data Warehouse"."Catalog"."dbo"."Fact_W_ORDER_F"."NUM_ORDER_ITMS"

      Please suggest possible reason.

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