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    Sending an Email with Outlook Reminder

      Hello All,

      We are using Siebel 7.8 and have a requirement wherein we need to send out System Generated Emails through Siebel at specific intervals of an SR Date Field. The email client that users use is Microsoft Outlook and the requirement is to send a System Generated Email with an Reminder that should automatically pop up using Outlook's reminder functionality.
      I have searched through multiple posts and websites but all I can come across is related to sending emails. Does anyone have any experience and know how on sending an email through Siebel Systems which automatically provides an Outlook reminder.

      Warm Regards,
      Tanmay Jain
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          Perhaps it's better to explore the Siebel Outlook add-in and investigate the calendar integration.

          I'm too lazy to check for 7.8, but here is the introduction for 8.1:
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            Hello jiyong,

            Thanks a lot for your input. The requirement that we are having is slightly different. The users use Internet Explorer directly to access Siebel interface and do not have anything installed on their systems as such.

            Based on a date field for eg Due Date, we need to trigger auto generated emails from Siebel which will pop up on the user's email client as a Reminder. We are already sending in the hyperlink to the Siebel record as a part of the email and users can directly navigate to Siebel record from the email. Its just that something that is possible through emails sent through Outlook which they want to be done through Siebel generated emails as well.

            From my investigations, what I found that the Reminder is pretty specific to Outlook program and there is no generic standard across different email clients. Thus I am having a feeling that this feature may not be directly possible through Outlook. I will keep on investigating further though. At worst I will install something like Wireshark to intercept the exact content of email that Outlook sends out and if its not too much work put that in Siebel.

            Thanks again for your response. Warm Regards,
            Tanmay Jain.