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    Can BPM visualize business process at runtime?

      I am new to BPM. I am wondering if it can visualize the business process at run time so that the user knows what is going on. A use case would be in a document approval process, where a document needs to be approved by multiple people in different phases. The user would like to know the current approval status and who is the next approver, etc in a visualized graph.
      Appreciate your response.
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          Hi tiwang,

          Are u looking for the Flow. i mean let us Consider Leave Approving Flow.

          You have a Initiator who Applies the Leave and this Task goes to his manager and the Manager will Complete the Task and the Task is routed to next level manager.
          And you would like to see the same BPM flow pictorial in the BPM work list is it wat ur looking for. If yes we can See the flow in BPM workSpace or even BPM worklist.

          Process: Once u Complete the Flow You will try to Test Webservice with Some Sample Values. Then after testing under Response click on Launch Flow Trace.
          Then we will get the Popup with Flow trace. Then Click the Component then we will get the BPMN Process instance with three tabs

          1) Shows the Audit Trail: Like u can see the Complete Payload of each and every Activity what it received and wat it gave the Output.

          2) Flow: Visulaize the Flow

          3) Faults: All the Exceptions which occur

          Hope This is wat ur looking for. Else let me know if something else.

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            Hello, I am new to BPM too. Hope this helps.

            Login to Enterprise Manager as weblogic--> click you application's name under "SOA" --> click the instance ID at instance tab or maybe recent instance on the dashboard tab--> popup a new window with three tab of audit trail, flow, and faults. if you expend the plus sign next to your human task, you can also click the "Instance left the activity"--> popup a small window of payload xml can tell you what the user input in this step.

            hope it will help,


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              Thanks a lot for your reply.
              Is the audit trail region with the graphic view reusable and can be embedded into a ADF page?