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    MAC support for Webcenter Content Server


      Can you please respond to following WebCenter Content 11g related queries:

      1. WebCenter Content 11g<--> Apple Macintosh compatibility: Some of our users are having MAC machines, will they still be able to use WebCenter Content 11g from their MAC machines?? I heard traditionally in Stellent only some of the interfaces were supported over MAC.
      Does any such limitations still prevail for : Content Checkin, Search, workflows etc.?

      2. Reporting capabilities: Are their any ways by which some reports could be extracted out of WCC. People can use search/admin applet for filtering the resoults, but there doesn't seem to be reporting capabilities as such. I am looking for reporting based on any of the metadata fields.

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          ad 1) you may check yourself the certification matrix at http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/webcenter/content/oracle-ecm-11gr1.xls

          However, the answer in a nutshell is as follows: WebCenter Content has two main consumer interfaces; browser-based GUI, and Desktop Integration Suite which integrates several desktop applications with the content repository. The former is OS-agnostic, so it should work with MAC OS with no issues, the latter is by definition Windows-only. Apart from that you could access the mentioned functionalities in portlets (Content Portlet Suite) where specific portal products, rather than OSes are certified. Finally, there are back-end interfaces (web services, Java APIs), but I assume they are not relevant to your question.

          WebCenter Content (formerly, ECM Suite) used to contain a product called Information Rights Management, which had had a MAC OS Desktop agent.

          ad 2) for search results read this thread: How to export search result to excel For anything above that you may want to connect directly to the database and prepare your reports in a reporting tool like Oracle BI Publisher.
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            Adding to this list that you can access WebCenter Content folders via WebDAV from Finder as well. This is not as comfortable as the Desktop Integration on Windows Plattform but works very well. URL is the same just like for Windows Desktop Integration. Connect from Mac OS Finder by hitting "Command+K"
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              Let me check with my users around exact issues they were facing earlier and try to crosscheck the same on new WCC environment.