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    About Course Submission Form

      I have submitted one course submission form for OCP, but the information which i have provided is having small mistakes, what i can do further. Is there any possible to complete another course form.
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          My immediate thoughts, which may be non-optimal, is to leave as is.

          The form you have submitted will be either accepted or rejected .... or if further clarification is required you may be contacted.

          If accepted, all is OK, take no further action.
          If rejected, then obviously submit correct details.
          If they come back nd query then send correct details.

          .... whatever happens this should work okay. Providing you can accept a little delay this is possibly the best course ... this is all standard procedure.

          Your remaining options are to submit an SR or to resubmit the form. Whether these options help or merely complicate or confuse and delay the process (or at worst case give you an unusual certification database entry which at extrmis worst case may test its every more complicated rules) - I cannot say. Unless some suggests better these are my suggestions.
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            Brandye Barrington-Oracle
            I would make the same suggestion as above. Leave it for now. If there is a problem, you will be contacted by the support team.

            Brandye Barrington
            Certification Forum Moderator