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    Does Datapump import generate redo log info? 11GR1

      I am currently moving tables around in order to reclaim free space on the DB. I am looking at datapump as a method of moving the data as I need to avoid large redo log generation.

      My understanding is that impdp uses direct path loading of the data while not using any conventional SQL techniques. Thus avoiding, or only causing minimal redo log generation.

      After reading up on datapump and redo logging, I am now not too sure of the accuracy of my understanding. I see people using techniques such as below to avoid redo log generation.

      The solution is to import in two phases :

      •First phase : import only the metadata (impdp CONTENT=METADATA_ONLY .... )
      •Set all the tables/indexes to NOLOGGING mode
      •Second phase : import only data (impdp CONTENT=DATA_ONLY .... )
      •Set all the tables/indexes to LOGGING mode

      My question is: Is my understanding of redo log generation accurate with impdp? Does impdp only generate minimal redo logging as a default?