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    How to set parameters in MouseOverMsgNum

      One of the options for mouse over fields is to use a message. Does anyone know how to set a %1 parameter value at runtime for such a message? MouseOverMsgNum PeopleCode method of the field class seems an obvious place to do this but the documentation doesn't shed any light on this . http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E28394_01/pt852pbh1/eng/psbooks/tpcr/book.htm?File=tpcr/htm/tpcr20.htm%23gc46b54a5a1a66fb7_1da967_124bb38e710__7a63

      Many thanks
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          It indeed seems that this is not implemented (yet).

          You are looking for something like
          &MsgText = MsgGet(30000, 2, "Message not found", paramvalue1, paramvalue2);

          Perhaps it is implemented in pt8.53, didn't you come across this in the Beta test of pt8.53.?
          Since PeopleBooks 8.53 is not available yet, try using Find in PeopleCode for MouseOverMsgNum in your pt8.53 beta env and see if vanilla PeopleCode has any references and perhaps additional properties which are not implemented in 8.52 yet.


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            I doubt this function isn't implemented yet. What have you tried so far? I'm guessing you'd have to supply parameters as you do with the MsgGet:

            MsgGet(message_set, message_num, default_msg_txt [, paramlist])
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              What Graham is saying is that there are only two fields properties available for setting the mouse over text.
              Your can only set the message set and message number through PeopleCode.
              GetField(DEBUG_PEOPLECD.DEBUG_CODE).MouseOverMsgSet = 2;
              GetField(DEBUG_PEOPLECD.DEBUG_CODE).MouseOverMsgNum = 13;

              What I am trying to say is that Graham is looking for an additional property (which is not implemented) where you can substitute the text in the message catalog for mouse over text using parameters, like you would with MsgGet.
              I am not saying MsgGet is not implemented ...

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                Where did you read me saying such a thing? I'm fully aware about what Graham is saying and I never said anywhere that you mentioned MsgGet isn't implemented (duh). I'm just wondering if he tried supplying a paramater value in a same manner as you would do with the MsgGet. The PeopleBooks don't always mention all the details on a class.
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                  What I recently discovered is that on Oracle Support there is a tab Community.
                  Like OTN forum, you can ask questions.
                  Unlike OTN forum, there a lot of people from Oracle answering, with inside information and access to the latest versions and information on upcoming versions.

                  I have asked a couple of questions in the past and I was pleasantly surprised by the detailed and accurate answers.

                  You might want to ask your question over there and perhaps they can tell you if such a property is implemented in upcoming releases or perhaps even available in the current release.