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    Oracle VM 3.1.1 storage requirements


      I was told that OVM 3.1.1 absolutely requires a external storage to operate. After consulting ther hardware requirements for OVM Server and Manager, I did't find out anything about this issue.

      Can anyone clarify this point for me?

      Thank you.
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          Well it doesn't require it.... there are functions that will not work without shared storage. Shared storage is usually "external storage". If you're going to use any HA/Clustering functions of Oracle VM you will need "shared storage".
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            Yes, local storage is OK as long as A) its on a supported adapter that presents a /dev/sdX file (versus stuff like a cciss device) and B) the local disk stands alone (you will need atleast TWO seperate disks to do this). Oracle VM cannot share the OS disk with a storage repository. The storage repository MUST be the only partition on the disk.
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