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    Changing Query Component's criteria items at runtime

      Hi All,

      As per my requirement i am changing query component's criteria items on some user input.
      So initially there were 9 components on query panel form and after user input it will become 7. I programatically used to set this two component's UI Hint as setVisible(false).
      Its working fine but if user input some value in to be removed 2 components it throws an null pointer exception.

      I understood the problem which is:-
      On query form if user input any value it used to persist. for same framework used to store this user entered value somewhere and after refresh it apply this value to the relevant components.
      Since two of the component are missing after refresh. it throws a null pointer exception as it tried to call setValue() method on removed component which is not there.

      After refresh the query panel form is rendered as per defined by QueryDescriptor object.

      Is there any way we can update this QueryDescriptor object with the changes...????