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    Studio 12.3 debugging problem (can't step, can't set watch)


      I try to debug my C++ application and I confront some problems:
      1) when I stop on a break point, most of the times I can't advance nor with Step Over, neither with Step Into - the cursor just do not move. "Most of the times" - because occasionally I can advance a few lines, and only then I stuck.
      2) I can't set watches. When I add any variable to a watch, it just doesn't appear there - the watch list remains empty.
      3) I can't stop the debugger. Even when it holds on a breakpoint, the debugger refuses to stop and I need to restart the studio.

      Please help me with that.
      Thanks! Alex.
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          The following might help calify things:
          Open the dbx command console: Window->Debugging->DebuggerConsole.
          When you press buttons and execute actions in the GUI they are essentially
          sent as commands to the dbx command interpreter. You can also just type
          dbx commands.

          So, for (1) verify that you see the next or step commands in the console
          and check for any messages emitted by dbx.
          Same for (2).
          As for (3) I'm not sure I understand. The debugger is usually either waiting for a user action,
          as evidenced by the presence of a dbx prompt, or waiting for some event in the debuggee. In the former
          case the debugger is stopped. In the latter case it's the debuggee that needs to be stopped and
          that is accomplished using the Pause button. Alternatively a ^C in the DebuggerConsole should
          also do it.