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    e-Mail notification.

    Alluri Sitharamaraju
      Hi,I am new for BPM suite.Any one can help my scenario.I would like to configure the e-Mail driver properties and workflow configurations.Can you please tell me step by step process for that configuration.

      Thanks & regards,

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          Dan Atwood
          It will depend on what your email server is, but this link (http://www.rubiconred.com/blog/email-notification-with-soa-suite-11g/) is the only blog post that I've ever seen that documented how to get gmail working with Oracle SOA Suite correctly.

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            Hi Raju,

            Please find the below steps tp Configure E-mail Driver.
            But remember Oracle SOA Suite 11g uses User Message Service(UMS) that enables us to send notifications via various channels like Email, SMS, etc.,

            --> For Email Communication We will use openssl or James Server. First we need to Configure which mail ur configuring like gmail, yahoo, rediff etc.

            a) SMTP(protocol to send mail to a mail server)
            b) POP or IMAP( Retrieving a Mail).

            **Restart the Admin Server once**

            Then, Configure email driver properties in Em Console viz., email server details, incoming/outgoing email, passwords, etc. Lets consider the example of gmail (IMAP for retrieving mails for Gmail)
            Login to EM console--> Expand User Messaging Service--> Usermessagingdriver-SOAServer1-->Rightclick--> Email driver properties

            1) OutgoingMailServer smtp.gmail.com

            2) OutgoingMailServerPort 465(gmail)

            3) OutgoingDefaultFromAddr <defaultmailId@gmail.com eg: raju@gmail.com>

            4) OutgoingMailServerSecurity SSL

            5) OutgoingPassword Password of the gmail id

            6) IncomingMailServer imap.gmail.com

            7) IncomingMailServerPort 993(gmail)

            8) MailAccessProtocol IMAP

            **Restart the Managed Server once**

            Now, WorkFlow Configuration So enable EMAIL notification mode to notify the server what nofitication we are using like email, sms etc.,
            For that Adain in EM Console--> SOA Server--> RightClick --> SOA Administration --> WorkFlowConfig

            Notification Mode: Email
            Email : From Address     raju@gmail.com
            Email : Actionable Address pavan@gmail.com
            Email : Reply To Address raju@gmail.com

            **Restart the Managed Server once**

            Now both Email and Workflow Configuration is Done

            Now test the Configuration by EM Console--> Service Engine --> Human WorkFlow .

            Now you will get the Pop of Human Workflow Engine. Now under Notification Management --> Send Test Notification .

            Now fill the details in the popup Send Test Notification like

            Send to xyz@gmail.com
            Channel email
            Subject e-Mail notification
            Content Hi Raju, Please find the Email and WorkFlow Configuration. Hope this Helps your Requirement.

            Raju, Hope this help you. Please let me know if u need any more details on the same.

            And Daniel Atwood( www.rubiconred.com/blog/email-notification-with-soa-suite-11g) this url is not openings at my end.( Can u please provide me other one).

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              Alluri Sitharamaraju
              Thank you Daniel.

              Can u please provide me other one. www.rubiconred.com/blog/email-notification-with-soa-suite-11g, this url is not openings at my end.


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                Dan Atwood

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                  Alluri Sitharamaraju
                  Thank you Daniel.This link is more helpful to my scenario.

                  Thanks & Regards,