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    OBIEE intregation with AD and R12 Ebusiness Suite

      Hello All,

      Does any one have a information about this note : 755768.1 OBIEE intregation with AD and R12 Ebusiness Suite. I am unable to access this from Oracle support. !!

      Please let me know if you anyone has a copy or information about this.

      Also I was looking into OBIEE 11g: After Integration Between OBIEE 11g And EBS Is Done, Is It Possible For Non-EBS Users To Access OBIEE By Entering Their Credentials Directly With OBIEE [ID 1452451.1]
      Business Intelligence Answers Option - Version [1308] and later
      Information in this document applies to any platform.


      After integration between OBIEE 11g and EBS is done, is it possible for Non-EBS users to access OBIEE by entering their credentials directly with OBIEE?


      When EBS-OBIEE instegration is in place, you can login to OBI standalone with any user from the Authentication providers you may have configured in Weblogic.

      The setup for EBS-OBI integration involves the use of init blocks, as it was done in 10g.

      However, you may not be able to login to OBI standalone with users you retrieve through init blocks.
      This is because the Authentication Providers in Weblogic take precedence over any authentication process from init blocks.

      For example, you can login to BI standalone with weblogic user

      So according to the note above after EBS OBIEE integration weblogic user/AD user should be able to login to EBS OBIEE integrated instance provided the users do not exist in EBS/or could not be retrieved thru init blocks .?

      Would be great if someone could provide some insight on this.

      Thanks in advance.