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    Customer Collateral for O&G industry for CRM Downstream

    Derek Chung
      Can anyone provide me some details on CRM implementation on Siebel for O&G downstream in areas such as retail and commercial. We are trying to sway a client on SAP CRM to move to any flavor of Oracle CRM and not limited to Siebel. The client is a wholesale distribution arm of its parent company in Malaysia largest O&G company which is listed at #164 under Global 500 (2012). With this penetration we are looking at the bigger piece of the pie which is the parent company.

      The client is looking for:-
      1) 2 reference site/customer which they want to validate and visit the client
      2) implementation within last 3 years
      3) sales (including self service) and contact center application. possibility of exploring loyalty solution as well

      I have so far scoured Oracle site and Google and only able to come up with 2 names; British Petroleum and Seneca Companies which have applied CRM for downstream. However, little information has been obtained about these 2 clients so far.

      Appreciate anyone feedback.

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