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    Applying BP05 on OIM version

    S M

      I am applying BP05 on OIM version (https://updates.oracle.com/Orion/PatchDetails/process_form?patch_num=14609562
      Following error in step “4.1 Stage 1: Patching the Oracle Binaries (OPatch Stage)” while applying patch.


      complete output
      Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6002]
      Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

      K:\>cd E:\softwares_during_upgrade\patches_unzip


      E:\softwares_during_upgrade\patches_unzip>cd 14609562

      E:\softwares_during_upgrade\patches_unzip\14609562>opatch apply
      Invoking OPatch

      Oracle Interim Patch Installer version
      Copyright (c) 2010, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.

      Oracle Home : E:\Oracle_OIM_11g_IDM\middleware_home\Oracle_IDM1
      Central Inventory : C:\Program Files\Oracle\Inventory
      from : n/a
      OPatch version :
      OUI version :
      OUI location : E:\Oracle_OIM_11g_IDM\middleware_home\Oracle_IDM1\oui
      Log file location : E:\Oracle_OIM_11g_IDM\middleware_home\Oracle_IDM1\cfgtoollog

      Patch history file: E:\Oracle_OIM_11g_IDM\middleware_home\Oracle_IDM1\cfgtoollog

      OPatch detects the Middleware Home as "E:\Oracle_OIM_11g_IDM\middleware_home"

      Failed to load the patch object. Possible causes are:
      The specified path is not an interim Patch shiphome
      Meta-data files are missing from the patch area
      Patch location = E:\softwares_during_upgrade\patches_unzip\14609562
      Details = PatchObject constructor: Input file "E:\softwares_during_upgrade\pat
      ches_unzip\14609562\etc\config\actions" or "E:\softwares_during_upgrade\patches_
      unzip\14609562\etc\config\inventory" does not exist.

      ApplySession failed: PatchObject constructor: Input file "E:\softwares_during_up
      grade\patches_unzip\14609562\etc\config\actions" or "E:\softwares_during_upgrade
      \patches_unzip\14609562\etc\config\inventory" does not exist.
      System intact, OPatch will not attempt to restore the system

      OPatch failed with error code = 73


      Please suggest.