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    custom tab colors


      I am happy with the basics of customizing the look and feel of OBIEE, a lot of it seems to be just changes to style sheets. However it looks like a bit more work to change the color of the tabs. Am I right to assume I have to copy the various images (in to my custom skin folder) that make up the tabs and edit them to the color I want? or is there a easier way of doing it. There is not a great deal of documentation on the matter other than the oracle white paper.
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          Srini VEERAVALLI
          I'm assuming you are referring to page tabs in any Dashboard

          You need to replace the image file from the below locations and if required you may need to put them in temp files based on version.

          Since I'm not sure about your BI version giving here both version details


          .secondaryTabSelected {
          background-image: url(l2_seltab_bg.gif);


          .TabHiCell {
          background-image: url(bg_tab.gif);

          Appreciate if you mark as correct else let me know updates