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    Resource bundle UTF-8 encoding and Turkish special characters problem

      Hi dear developers,

      I'm developing a WebCenter Portal App in JDev version. My project uses resource bundle for being multilingual. I have two bundles :

      1) <bundleName>_tr.properties (this the default one)
      2) <bundleName>_en.properties (this is the supported locale.)

      Now I have problem about the turkish characters in turkish bundle. When i run my project, it has a view just like this --> http://postimage.org/image/wr8nrm345/ (browser view) and http://postimage.org/image/3mf3fp2kl/ (bundleView)

      (Watch the "?" chars ! )

      You can see the bundle doesn't support Turkish special characters. How can i overcome with this problem?

      Thanks in advance.Regards