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    How to Obtain the Value of a ***Global*** Application Item from JS

    Joe Upshaw
      If we declare an Application Item, i.e. NOT a page level item, how do we obtain the value of that Item in a JavaScript Dynamic Action on a page?

      For example, we declare a "global variable" as an Application Item named DEFAULT_AJAX_SEPERATOR and set its value with an Application Computation "On New Instance" At some later point, on a page in the application, we'd like to obtain the value of DEFAULT_AJAX_SEPERATOR via JavaScript.

      The page* level item syntax...
      ...does not work. I do understand why this is as $v can only access items on the page. However, APEX is clearly able to obtain such global values since, for example, they are available in PL/SQL blocks. Also, I know it's on the session object because I can see it when viewing the session.

      So...what's the secret sauce for obtaining that value?