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    presentation variable

      Hi All,

      I have a one column report which uses presentation variables in filters and I want the value from this column to be saved in new variable so that i can use it in another related report for new column calculation. Is it feasible?


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          Jack Carver
          How do you call another report? By drill from first report?
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            Thanks for the reply.

            I want to calculate the grand total resulting by selecting the Region parameter. eg. I select R1 and R2 , the total from the first report will be 30. Is there a way I can save the result in a presentation ..variable and use that result for calculating the per. We want the Per in the new row. When i use the regular selected calculated item in answer, the values are in same row for per field (.33,.67). I want this in new row.SO i was thinking if I can create a new column using the presentation variable ,it can sovle the layout problem

            R1 R2
            10 20 30
            Per .33 .67

            R1 R2
            10 20 30 .33 .67