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    Updating newly created Tabular form entry via page process

    William Wallace

      I have a tabular form on a table PAYMENT_STATUS_HISTORY and a page process right after the applyMRU process to update a column on create. I have configured it as below:

      update payment_status_history
      set created_by = (select user_id from user where upper(username)=upper(:APP_USER))
      where id = :id;
      Where id is the primary key.

      I have conditioned the processes as below:

      Process type:
      value of Item = expression:

      where item = APEX$ROW_STATUS and the expression is C

      My newly created tabular form row is not having the created_by field updated. I have debugged it and found that id is null which is why it was not getting updated. It makes sense as id is created by during applyMRU page process.

      Not sure how I can update my newly created row? Would anyone know of any other way? Many thanks.

      My Apex version is 4.1.2