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    DAC email notification not working

      Hello folks,
      I have set up the DAC server email configuration. I am even able send out the test email but I do not get any email notification after DAC Execution plan finishes successfully or fails.

      Any hint is appreciated.

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          Make sure you gave the mail ID without spaces..(or) you wil not receive if your/customer names are in Distribution List..Eg: all_users@company.com ...try to give the name independently..
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            Kishore Rout
            Can you please mention few details about your DAC environment? After that I can suggest something.

            a) which version of OBIEE you are using?
            b) DAC client and server resided in one machine or not?
            c)It is a window or unix environment?

            If you are getting any error please mention the same.

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              Thank you guys for quick reply. The issue is solved now. As I mentioned earlier Test email was going out without any problem. I just thought of restarting the server and guess what its working fine now. So I am assuming we need to restart the DAC server once we setup the email notification configuration.