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    How to Keep a Row Highlighted after a page refresh? or J/S session state?

      I've read the posts here about highlighting a row. My problem is maintaining the row's highlight after the page is refreshed. I have two reports, a primary report and a secondary report. Column links exist on the primary report that activate the secondary report which contains more information about that particular row. We would like the row to continue to be highlighted after this page refresh.

      The current function to highlight the row is like this:

      function highlight(pThis) {
      $x_RowHighlight($x_UpTill(pThis,'TR'), 'pink');

      It would be nice to store the $x_UpTill(pThis, 'TR') in a javascript object and make that accessible on the global level.

      Any solutions to this?

      Thank you,

      Matthew Moisen