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    BPM 11g Role Assignment not Reflected on BPM Workspace

    Debojit Sinha

      I'm having trouble with role maping in JDeveloper for my BPM 11g project, where the server groups mapped against a particular applcation role is not reflected in BPM workspace.

      I'm mapping application roles with server groups in the Organization section of my BPM project in JDeveloper, but when I open the Administration section of the BPM workspace, I see that the appropriate section is blank where there should be the server group assigned.

      I have confirmed that the server groups are in place, and have users associated with them. I even tried ti with the Administrators groups of WebLogic, with the same results.

      However, when I deployed this same project on an Oracle On Demand server, the JDeveloper role maapping was successfully deployed along with my process. Could anyone please provide some insight in this matter?

      I'm working on JDeveloper and SOA