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    needs solution for addm diagnostic report

      Hi All,

      i found following details in addm report
      how can resolve these problem

      Finding 5: Hard Parse Due to Literal Usage
      Impact is .01 active sessions, 1.43% of total activity.
      SQL statements were not shared due to the usage of literals. This resulted in
      additional hard parses which were consuming significant database time.

      Recommendation 1: Application Analysis
      Estimated benefit is .01 active sessions, 1.43% of total activity.
      Investigate application logic for possible use of bind variables instead
      of literals.
      Alternatively, you may set the parameter "cursor_sharing" to "force".

      Symptoms That Led to the Finding:
      Hard parsing of SQL statements was consuming significant database time.
      Impact is .02 active sessions, 2.85% of total activity.