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    In CLIENT_RESULT_CACHE_STATS$  "Find count always shows 0"

      In CLIENT_RESULT_CACHE_STATS$ "Find count always shows 0" even client cache is enabled.

      I am not able to enable client side result cache . I use ODAC which uses ODP.net driver internaly i have attached code file.
      I have done following settings in database

      client_result_cache_size 1048576 FALSE
      client_result_cache_lag 3000 TRUE
      result_cache_mode MANUAL
      result_cache_max_size 5373952
      result_cache_max_result 5
      result_cache_remote_expiration 0
      client_result_cache_size 1048576
      client_result_cache_lag 3000

      Database version is Enterprise Edition Release

      Only select * from V$RESULT_CACHE_STATISTICS where find count increases always but " Find count" in CLIENT_RESULT_CACHE_STATS$ is always 0.

      If the client side result cache enabled means it find count in CLIENT_RESULT_CACHE_STATS$ should increase rite???

      Please help me to solve this issue