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    Passing parameters in URL Action in iFrame

    deearora - oracle
      I am using OBIEE 11g, and I have a report R_1 having a column which in turn refers to another report R_2 as an iFrame and I am passing all the parameters which are required for the R_2.
      Below is the example:

      '<iframe name="sparklineGraph" src="saw.dll?Go&path=%2Fshared%2FRSDP%2Fgauge single&Action=Navigate&P0=4&P1=eq&P2="TAG"."TAG_NAME"&P3='|| "TAG"."NAME" ||'&P4=eq&P5="ASSET"."NAME"&P6='|| "ASSET"."NAME"||'&P7=eq&P8="ASSET_TAG_MAPPING"."IS_READING"&P9=Y&P10=bottom&P11="ASSETS_READINGS"."TIMESTAMP_VALUE"&P12=1+1" frameborder=0 scrolling=no height=50 width=150> </iframe>'

      But when I look at the result after putting this in Column Formula, I do not see the report output and get an exception in the column:

      Sax parser returned an exception. Message: Invalid document

      and if I manually update the URL after the saw.dll, I pass the values to each parameter manually and I can see the report output. The URL example is:

      http://server.oracle.com:9502/analytics/saw.dll?Go&path=/shared/RSDP/gauge single&Action=Navigate&P0=4&P1=eq&P2="TAG"."TAG_NAME"&P3=DISCHARGEAIRTEMPSPTACTIVE&P4=bottom&P5="ASSETS_READINGS"."TIMESTAMP_VALUE"&P6=1+1&P7=eq&P8="ASSET_TYPE"."ASSET_TYPE_NAME"&P9=Air Conditioner&P10=eq&P11="ASSET_TAG_MAPPING"."IS_READING"&P12=Y

      Please advise.

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