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    Can't retrieve HFM data to spreadsheet XYZ

      Hi Everone,

      One of my User raised the ticket as below.

      The retrieve from HFM does not work unless following is removed from the string: ='C:\Hyperion\Smartview\Bin\HsTbar.xls'!
      Since the file is protected I can't correct the problem.

      Could any one help me out how to react to this query.As its a CRITICAL ticket for me as well its Urgent.

      Would be great for me..Thnaks in Advance.

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          Erich Ranz
          If it's a fairly simple worksheet/workbook, you could select all the cells on the sheet and copy/paste to a new sheet or workbook. This would bypass the protection. Then you could do a find/replace to remove the invalid portion of the string. Do a find on the part you listed, then replace it with nothing.
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            You usually get that string when something has happened to the Smartview plug-in or to the file itself. Is only this user having the problem and does it work for others? If so, it's probably a local smartview issue on that user's machine. Some common scenarios where you will see this are:

            - When they opened the Excel file, they did not click on the Enable Macros prompt.
            - Smartview is not installed
            - Smartview is installed, but is not enabled due to a crash of Excel or other reason. (When excel crashes, it will auto-disable the add-in it thinks caused the crash. You have to go to the Add-Ins area, disabled add-in, and then re-enable smartview. Close and re-open excel)
            - Data link has been 'goofed up', though not likely... While the exact menu route depends on your version of Office, go to Data, then 'Edit Links'. You should see a screen that shows a line for HsTbar.xla. Click on check status and confirm that it is OK / Open. If it is missing/not found, click on Change Source and navigate to C:\Oracle\SmartView\Bin (v11) and double click on the HsTbar.xla to update the links. Since the sheet is locked you may not be able to change the source; however, you should be able to Open source to force excel to open the add-in. If this fails, something is wrong with Smartview on their machine.

            Performing a search and replace on that string may fix things, but it is easier to use the 'Edit Links' option above to fix that and that is treating a symptom of one of the other scenarios....

            If all that fails and you need to get into the excel file, I have a way to unprotect your worksheet, but I'd rather not go into that here....... I also don't think it's necessary given the situation.

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              Hi Charles,

              Thanks for your brief solution for the issue...Actually this is a smartview installation problem and now this is fixed.

              Good day...vinod.