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    Cartridge in endeca

      HI guys

      waht is Cartridge in endeca what is the use of Cartridge
      give me a clear picture with an example
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          Heiko Mock

          Cartridges in Endeca are prebuilt and modular components that pull in content and data (Videos, reviews, Analytics,...) from the Endeca engine and external system. Cartridges do expose Endeca features (guided navigation, search, spotlights).

          In the Endeca package (application and SDK) you will find at the moment 22 cartridges OOTB.

          A technical team can create custom cartridges if needed.

          In the Experience Manager you can use cartridges to configure pages.

          I hope this will help.

          Best regards,
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            Hi HeikoMock,

            Is there any OOTB cartridge for Videos, reviews, Analytics , or we need to create it our own if so

            give some tips and ideas how to do that. that will be helpful..


            Looking for your response.