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    Managed Server Naming Convention

      Hi Everyone

      We're setting up WLS 11g in our enterprise environment, and the question came up on what the practice in the industry is around naming Managed Servers within WebLogic Server.
      We'll have quite a large scale setup for WLS, and when you start planning to have around 100 (give or take) Managed Servers, how would you name the many Managed Servers?

      We initially though of giving each Managed Server a meaningfull name, for example our business organisation it might be used for, as well as whether it's mission critical or not etc. But this standard is not always applicable for various reasons in our enterprise environment. We're now considerting just going for simple names like MS1 and MS2 etc?

      I have been through the My Oracle Support site and found a very good note (Scaling WebLogic Server for a Large Number of Applications [ID 1274758.1]), but it still didn't assist in answering the above posed question. We do however understand we'll need to group applications with whichever similarities together into domains/clusters/managed servers thanks to this note.

      Thanks in advance for you contributions.